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To/From Adelaide: 0
To/From Brisbane: 3
To/From Melbourne: 3
To/From Perth: 4
To/From Sydney: 6
Currently 10 aircraft in the VATPAC FIR.
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Slotmania Brisbane 2017

Welcome to VATPAC

Welcome to the VATPAC website, the home of VATSIM Australia Pacific.

We are the Australian division of VATSIM, which connects simulator pilots across the world. Fly real-world schedules with ATC or a do circuits in a 747 at Sydney International. The skies' the limit!

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Top Pilot

Mikko Anttonen EFHK13.2
Rob Vaughan13.0
Rowan Lilley - YSSY12.7
Samuel Chianta YMML10.2
Dean Constantinidis YBBN9.8


Brett Vaughan12.3
Cristian Torz YSSY11.1
Richard Quigley10.5
Andrew Harle8.9

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